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ROYAL CITY, Washington., November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Cascade Organic Flour is making a strong surge in retail and online sales ahead of the upcoming 2021 holiday season with its 5lb bags of organic all-purpose flour and 5lb bags. ) organic whole wheat flour presented in some URM stores in Washington state, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, and also online at Amazon.

Cascade Organic Flour is a family-owned producer of organic wheat and organic flour in the Pacific Northwest. Cascade Organic Flour’s modern flour mill sits next to its organic farm near the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state.

Since 2014, Cascade Organic Flour grinds organic wheat flour for various large commercial bakeries through United States and is one of the leading manufacturers of premium natural organic wheat flour in the western United States.

The rich volcanic soils of Cascade Organic Farm are irrigated with pure Columbia River water fed by mountain glaciers. As a result, Cascade’s organic farm produces the highest quality, highest quality organic wheat in the world. Most importantly, our flour and wheat are certified organic, natural and non-GMO.

Several URM stores in PNW have recently started offering 5lb retail bags of Cascade Organic Flour as part of URM’s local brand program, recently launched by URM in 2021. URM includes Harvest Foods, Super 1 Foods , Yokes Fresh Market, Rosauers, etc., and many other local grocery stores in PNW.

Cascade Organic Flour has received numerous inquiries in recent months from retailers and the public requesting small packages or bags of Cascade organic flour due to the growing interest and demand for local food ingredients and products. , natural and organic.

As a result, Cascade Organic Flour has decided to go ahead with the introduction of 5lb bags of organic flour in retail stores as well as online sales on Amazon.

For more information on introducing Cascade’s 5lb retail bags to retail and online sales, please contact Justin brun at or at 509-855-7450.

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