Credit Suisse partners with Klara for online credit applications

Credit Suisse and Swiss software provider KLARA join forces: From now on, SMEs using KLARA can submit credit applications online to Credit Suisse – digitally, simply and efficiently.

Credit Suisse and KLARA simplify financing for SMEs. In addition to the innovative accounting solution that communicates automatically with all interfaces, SMEs on KLARA can now submit non-binding credit applications online to Credit Suisse.

More efficiency for SMEs
SMEs can therefore submit their credit applications directly to Credit Suisse. Tedious filling in of forms is a thing of the past. The intuitive KLARA process extracts the relevant accounting data and automatically fills out the form fields. Within seconds, the SME is informed by Credit Suisse of the amount of credit it can receive at what interest rate.

Renato Stalder, CEO of KLARA Business AG, is pleased to have developed an innovative and needs-based solution for SMEs in collaboration with Credit Suisse: “Through this partnership the best capabilities of Credit Suisse and KLARA come together. The result is an offering that minimizes customer effort and provides a seamless customer experience. “

Anke Bridge Haux, Head of Digitalization & Products at Credit Suisse (Suisse) SA, says: “SME clients want easy access to financial services when they want it individually and on the platform that’s right for them. why we want to be present where the need arises. We look forward to the innovative collaboration with KLARA; this is a good example of how, in the future, we want to make our offer available where it is needed. is most useful to our customers – integrated into their individual ecosystem. “

Other interfaces planned
Online credit applications form the basis of a long-term partnership between Credit Suisse and KLARA. In the coming months, further connections will follow for the continued expansion of the customer offering – for example, an interface for the data flow between Credit Suisse Online Banking and the intelligent accounting solution from KLARA.

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