Currys Online Holiday Sales: The Best Tech, Appliance & Home Deals This Weekend

For those looking for an inexpensive laptop, 4K TV, or household appliance, Currys online sales are always a top destination, especially on a holiday weekend. This weekend is no exception with Currys performing a Epic Deals Event with hundreds of items receiving discounts of up to 30% right now.

That’s a lot of sales, by any stretch of the imagination, and research is a big time commitment, even for the most avid deal hunter. Luckily, we’ve already sorted out all of the Currys Holiday Bestsellers and organized them in a neat list below. If you already have an idea of ​​what you’re looking for, feel free to use the handy navigation bar to jump straight to the section that interests you most.

At the top of the page we’ve included some quick links as well, just in case you want to jump right into the action and see the relevant Currys pages for yourself. Right now, the biggest savings are on IT, TVs, audio devices, and home appliances, so there’s a lot to wade through this holiday weekend.

Currys’ online delivery service offers fast, free delivery on a range of tech gadgets and devices and also tends to have bundles on each item. Keep an eye out for those below, as we’ve included them for good measure in every offering. So just scroll down to see our group picks this weekend, or skip ahead to all offers available here.

Looking for something in particular? Right below you can see sections for each of the main categories on the Currys site this week. We’ve included price rounds for the cheapest deals in each category, but you can expand the widget to see more deals. You will also find links directly to the relevant pages so that you can easily navigate to the Currys site.



TV and audio

Games and entertainment


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