E-commerce brands saw more online sales than ever in 2021

LONDON, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As brands spread their marketing investments across different channels, one thing is clear: they’re betting heavily on opt-in marketing channels like email, text, and even push messages. Omnisend’s a study reveals that in 2021, brands sent 63% more emails, 94% more texts and 171% more push messages than in 2020.

Not only have shipments increased, but brands using these channels have been rewarded with more orders than ever before. Year-over-year, email marketing orders increased 86%, text messages increased 106%, and push messages increased 171%.

The findings are part of the Omnisend report, Email, SMS and Push Marketing Statistics for Ecommerce in 2022. The research analyzed the performance of 12 billion emails, 63 million text messages and 54 million web push messages sent by Omnisend merchants in 2021.

Additionally, research shows that brands are increasing their use of marketing automation. While merchants sent 396% more promotional push messages, they sent 699% more automated messages than last year. Sending of promotional SMS campaigns increased by 75%, while automated sending increased by 258%. And promotional email campaigns grew 63%, while automated emails grew 93% year over year.

As paid marketing channels become increasingly crowded and expensive, opt-in channels like email are a constant lifeblood for e-commerce brands.

Other highlights from the marketing report include:

  • Automated emails generated nearly 30% of all email marketing orders while only accounting for 2.2% of email sends.
  • 34% of those who clicked on an automated email went on to make a purchase.
  • The impact of iOS 15 on email marketing is obvious. Open rates were up 59% from the nine months prior to the release of the update.
  • Conversion rates for web push messages are an incredible 28%, which means one in three people who click on them make a purchase.

CEO and co-founder Rytis Lauris said Omnisend’s mission to provide affordable and sophisticated email, SMS and web push notification marketing to e-commerce businesses of all sizes is critical to helping businesses succeed in today’s environment.

“E-commerce is changing before our eyes. We are seeing brands recognize the value of using opt-in marketing channels to increase their online sales, and this is further proof of their sales potential,” said Lauris said. “It was email first, then text, and now push messages. Brands using these three permission-based channels will continue to see sales increase.”

Highlighting the adoption of these channels in automation workflows, Greg Zakowicze-commerce marketing expert at Omnisend, said brands are realizing the importance of behavior-based messaging.

“Automated messages have outperformed promotional campaigns for years, and for good reason, but it’s not just one channel anymore,” Zakowicz said. “Brands are smartly evolving to meet consumer preferences by sending relevant and timely automated messages to consumers through multiple channels of their choice. They listen to consumers and are rewarded for it.”

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