Mosaic Releases Easy Online Residential Solar Energy Credit Application Form

Mosaic, a platform providing financing solutions for solar and energy efficient residential home improvement projects in the United States, announced the availability of SwiftLink, a shareable and customizable URL that allows residential contractors and solar installers to easily distribute credit application forms to customers without the need to log into a separate portal. Owners can now simply click on the entrepreneur-specific SwiftLink URL using any smart mobile device, complete a one-screen credit application form requiring only three customer financial details, and receive a credit decision in seconds.

Available for PowerSwitch ZERO solar loan and all home improvement contractor partners, SwiftLink can be shared directly with customers via SMS and email, or hosted on a partner website for the added benefit of integrating with the specific marketing needs of the company and ” improve the user experience.

Credit approval, a necessary step when applying for financing for solar installation and home improvement projects, traditionally requires homeowners to log into a separate portal to fill out lengthy application forms in the presence of their solar installer. or their general contractor. Now, Mosaic partners can offer homeowners a contactless credit application process from the comfort of their homes and devices. In addition, credit applications approved through SwiftLink are automatically integrated into partner sales pipelines easily accessible through Portal 2X, the sales tool recently announced by Mosaic. This gives contractors and installers access to their pipelines from any smart mobile device, as well as the ability to start financing at three different points in the sales transaction (add new customer, estimate or prequalification).

“Mosaic has a proven track record of providing innovative financial solutions that help improve and streamline sales and partner operations,” said Patrick Moore, COO of Mosaic. “Now, with SwiftLink, entrepreneurs get the easiest way to distribute Mosaic credit application forms to their clients, and homeowners get the easiest way to apply for finance through the Mosaic platform. “

The availability of SwiftLink follows Mosaic’s successful launch of PowerSwitch ZERO, the industry’s first residential solar loan with no payment required during the 12-month promotional period preceding a 10, 15, or 20-year repayment term. Offered in tandem with the company’s new Portal 2X sales tool, this innovative financing option addresses an immediate need to get solar installers back to work after the economic downturn associated with COVID-19.

“We delivered three new products during a difficult time with a remote workforce,” said Billy Parish, Founder and CEO of Mosaic. “I am proud of the tireless work our teams have done this year to keep our installer and contractor partners in business and allow homeowners to switch to clean energy. “

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